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Big enough to Serve, Small enough to Care!

Boolos + Oakes CPA Firm is about people – our clients, our employees, our community. Our professionals guide individuals, businesses and nonprofits with personal service, education, and knowledge. We listen, research, advise, and implement solutions to guide you on a path to succeed in today’s complex economic environment.

We're Passionate About Your Business

Starting, managing and growing a business is the result of passion—passion for doing something well and building an enterprise around it. But building a business comes with a lot of responsibilities that can take your focus and energy away from what you’re passionate about—responsibilities like bookkeeping, payroll, taxes, and other aspects of financial management.

Boolos + Oakes CPA Firm is here not only to help you manage and grow your business, but to help you achieve your business and personal financial goals, so that your business can be a means to enjoy all of your life’s passions.

We strive to constantly evolve to provide quality solutions for you. We care about forging stronger relationships, understanding your business and the market you operate in, and identifying specific areas where you need continuing advice.